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"Uproroariously funny with astonishing depth..."

- Adrian Perez / Lonely Wolf Film Festival London



THE LOYALS is a TV Pilot project written by Filmmakers and actors P.K. Simone and Victor Muñoz. 

The duo has been creating comedy shorts and commercial content for years.


From 2016 - 2019 they were the entire crew for a content team. Directors, camera ops, lighting, grips, and the post production team for a company that made upwards of 150 pieces of content a year with budgets ranging from 1K to 50K.

With the help of Cinematographers Andrew Alvarado and Graham Mason on camera, the project has been completed and reimagines the modern day West-Coast Mafia.



The Creators


The West Coast Italian Mafia has been waning over the years. Losing power, finances and respect. Technological advances has stifled analog crime.


To stay relevant, the Italians have agreed to a merger with the Mexican Cartel. Who in turn, see an opportunity for criminal espionage and devise a plan to over take the Italian stronghold in the U.S.


Under the ruse of  collaboration, the Cartel send one of their least experienced soldiers, Nick Vera.



Nick gets paired up with one of the least competent Italian henchman, 

Levi Carbone. 


A dumb friendship is born, and through this dimwitted team, we get an inside look at the corruption, the fallibility and the dangers of existence inside of  a crumbling crime three-ring circus.


Levi Carbone

"We do as we're told and we don't ask why."

Levi is the lowest ranking henchmen in the West Coast Italian Mafia. 


He dreams of one day being made and to rise in the family business. If he could just stop screwing up, he might be able to live up to his family heritage. The last living descendant of Joseph Ardizzone, the first boss of the Los Angeles Family. 


Although reluctant about his new partnership with Nick,

a bond is formed. Levi begins the season as a Mentor for Nick

to survive, while constantly trying  to prove worthy 

to Boss Dominic.  


The more he screws up, the more he considers leaving the only family he has and the only job he’s ever known. 


Nick Vera

"They call me La Cucaracha."

Once a humble yet skilled Butcher from Oaxaca Mexico, 


Nick had managed to avoid a life of crime for years despite his regal criminal bloodline. His father is a respected high ranking member of the Cartel who left Nick’s family many years ago.


It’s during a botched robbery at the Carnicería, where Nick loses his only remaining family member, his sister. This event reveals to the Cartel Nick’s affinity for knives and his unnatural ability to stay alive.


With nowhere left to turn, Nick agrees to be the Cartel’s Trojan Horse to infiltrate the Italians.

Dominic Larocca

"Heavy lies the crown that's never forged."

The Boss and Patriarch of the West Coast Family but feels like an underpaid babysitter.


Dom remembers the golden years when the Mob ran cities. Before cameras on every corner, before DNA forensics or cyber-tracking. 


His position to join with the Cartel was not shared by the other families. An attempt to show strength in a crumbling enterprise. 


The money’s gone, the respect is gone, his health is a nuisance, his emotions own him. 


Felix Osorio"El Caza"

“A wolf will sleep less when it knows it is being hunted, do not give it rest.”

The head of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. His organization has adapted and thrived in the new crime-tech world. 


Felix is intelligent, measured and very well resourced. His Generals say he is motivated by the search of a worthy foe.


He sees an opportunity to reach further into the United States by taking down the West Coast Mafia in their weakene position.


He knows Nick’s father well. With no sons of his own, he

is drawn to Nick and sees someone he can teach, to one day

be a Jefe.

The Idea

Thanks to generous people who support Indie Filmmaking,

THE LOYALS has raised the funds to finish this project!

We are honored by everyones generosity.

And we look to premiering this project in festivals soon!

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